Senior front-end

About me

Hi, I'm Neil

I'm a senior front-end developer currently based in La Rochelle, France.

I love my job, it changes all the time and you can never rest on your laurels.

Out of work I love to spend good old family time, go indoor climbing, play video games and guitar

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Technological skills

  • React JS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Typescript
  • PHP
  • Git
  • GatsbyJS
  • NextJS

Soft skills

  • English : Native
  • French : Bilingual
  • Spanish : Notions
  • Organized
  • Willing to learn
  • Scrum certified!


Abys Medical

As the Technical Leader I worked on the front (ReactJS) and the back (Typescript / Node) of the medical software made for surgeons. I put in place unit testing for the front end to improve the software's conformity regarding certain requirements.

Déménager Facile

As the senior front-end developer I was involved in multiple projects (client site, administrator's backoffice, mover's backoffice). The team juggled between a legacy project in PHP and the newer projects in NodeJS on the backend and ReactJS and Typescript on the front.
I was also involved in the conception of new pages / features, aligning with the wishes of the stakeholders / end users.
As the scrum master I was involved in educating the team on scrum core values and animating the scrum events alongside the Product Owner and the CTO.


As the front-end developer I was involved in multiple projects (client site, administrator's backoffice, retail owner's backoffice). All projects were based on the latest version of Angular with Typescript on the frontend that called Java based backend via microservices.
I was also involved in the conception of new features / pages alongside the graphic designer.

Interaction Healthcare

As the front-end developer I created the frontend for Wordpress based sites for clients in the healthcare industry. I was also involved in the creation of apps using the Ionic framework and Typescript.


As the front-end developer I was responsible for creating and maintaining various presentation and e-commerce sites for the various clients of our communication agency.


  • Innovation
    Nothing is ever perfect, we shouldn't be afraid to change things
  • High standards
    I give myself high standards for each aspect of my work
  • Collaboration
    Team work makes the dream work. Working together allows everyone to progress
  • Balance
    I find it very important to maintain a health balance between work and life outside the office

Get in touch

I try and keep my Linkedin profile up to date and I sometimes write stuff on Medium